Mar 15, 2011

Special Friend

Memories hurt when I thought back
To the times I thought were sad
The smile I wore disappeared
Replaced with the foulest tears.

Then I met someone new
That special someone was you
Drying the pain, healing the sorrow
I moved myself along with you.

You showed me life, it's meanings and ways
Happiness that was here to stay
But a feeling that can't ever be replaced
Is the excitement you gave.

Done By: Joselin

Mar 14, 2011

A True Friend

When someone is right by, you know they’re your friend,
Like a lioness protecting her cub.
You know it's not going to be the end,
Just like a strong, never-ending club.
When in desperate need for a giant smile,
Friendship may be the best route to go on,
Like a rider going on a mile.
And when someone that you love is gone,
Like a lonely duckling to his mother,
You have a buddy’s shoulder to cry on,
And a friend to me is like a brother.
There at all times, just like a loving mom,
As long as you have someone there for you
Then you should always be the for them too.

Done By: Johnny Guerra

Mar 12, 2011


After I knew the person you showed the world,
I searched for the person you are.
He was nowhere around
Where was he to be found?
Behind the person you wear?
Can I see you without him there?

There are walls set up
Life has never let up
They have saved you in the past
The area they cover is vast.

If only I could spend sometime in your mind
Then I could truly see what makes you one of a kind
But, I'd rather you be able to open up and tell me
The door has been locked from the world, you see?

I want to be the key to your sanctuary
Let go of the hardships that you no longer need to carry
I will share in the weight
I will take it off your plate

Do you know how it feels to be able to share in pain?
For someone to be there throughout the strain.
I know you don't want to bother loved ones
When I want to help, that is no reason to run

I want you to feel the serenity that comes from trust
Life does not always have to be unjust
So let go and fall into me
I'll be here forever, you'll see.

Done By: Trish

Mar 11, 2011

You Are My World

You're the thought that starts each morning,
the conclusion to each day.
I envision you in all that I do,
and everything I say.

You're the smile on my face,
the sparkle in my eye.
the warmth inside my heart,
the fullness in my life.

The only hand that's laced to mine,
the coat upon my back.
My friend and love you have my heart,
I will never turn back.

You're the dimple in my cheek,
the constant tingle in my soul.
the voice that makes me weak,
You're the one who shields the cold.

You're all I've wanted,
all that I need.
You're all I dream of,
You mean so much to me.

Done By: Chelsea

Mar 10, 2011


This world is so cruel,
No one cares about who you really are.
All you want to do is scream,
Even though you can't.
Why do people have to say stuff behind,
Your back to everyone,
Pretending you're not even there,
Spreading rumors down the hallway,
In the bathroom, even outside?
Why spread rumors when,
You can just tell the truth?
So, listen here people, get all the facts,
Before you believe someone's lies,
Because you never know when you are getting lied to.
Choose your friends wisely,
Because if you don't you'll end up like me,
In this big black hole, depressed, lonely,
And wanting to kick and scream,
Don't make the same mistake I did.

Done By: Mandy Nobles